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what are the treatment methods available in your hospital for management of renal stones

we have availability of following procedures.

  1. pcnl
  2. mini pcnl
  3. flexible nephroscopy
  4. RIRS ( flexible ureteroscopic intra-renal procedures)
  5. laser lithotripsy
  6. laparoscopic surgeries

Can recurrences of stone disease be prevented

Yes, in many cases. if indicated we do metabolic evaluation and stone analysis to identify cause of stone disease and advice appropriate treatment to prevent recurrence.

how much is the hospital stay after renal stone surgeries

minimum 48hours

what are the immediate complications of TURP


clot retention of urine

tur syndrome

what is minimum age for pcnl

age is no bar. we have performed it in 3 yr old so far,

for how long should be medical treatment of ureteric stones be attempted

for 10 days if no complication is occuring or else as soon as possible

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